about us

For over 30 years we have been Central Vancouver Island's premier custom framing destination. Our attentive & collaborative approach combined with our caring & creative staff, come together on every project to ensure customers get the very best result.

“Yellow Bird Arts Gallery has an amazing team of hard working and knowledgeable professionals. It is a pleasure to
work with them.

Our Mission

Provide exceptional quality product and customized work while maintaining the highest standards in a timely manner to meet and exceed customer expectations within a reasonable price range.


Be the preferred choice for custom picture framing and inspired fine art while fostering close ties to the Vancouver Island arts community and providing a healthy, positive and valued environment for customers and staff.




Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our customers no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.


We value quality, attention to detail, innovation and authenticity. We aim to provide the best product and service within the constraints of our industry, suppliers, work load and abilities.

Isadore Benally

Store Policies

Pet and Service Animal Policy


For numerous reasons we do not allow pets in the store. Although the mall welcomes leashed dogs in the common areas, we have found that on occasion people with ‘service’ dogs and pets have been very aggressive and abusive to staff when politely reminded of the clear ‘no dogs’ signage at the front of our store. Unfortunately, we see a growing problem with some who may feel a sense of entitlement. This impacts staff, other customers and can create problems with the day-to-day operations of our business, including insurance concerns.


We do however allow Certified service/assistance dogs as they and their handlers have gone through extensive obedience training and perform a critical function. We have found these customers to be mindful and respectful as their dogs are very well-behaved and properly trained. Service dogs play vital roles in assisting individuals with disabilities, and their access rights are protected under the law. We are very familiar with this need as some of our staff are also living with permanent disability of their own.


Please also see the

Country Club Mall pet policy



Glitter Policy

Oh, the dreaded G-word! We all know the dangers of glitter – or do we? We are very strict about not allowing artwork with glitter in our store. Although little Sally’s art may be very beautiful, glitter typically sheds incessantly. Glitter can get into our machines, work stations and even worse into other customer artwork. It is an infestation that never departs, a gift that keeps on giving. No glitter. Period.



 Scent / Scent-Free Policy Awareness

When referring to scents, we usually mean the smells or odors from ingredients and chemicals in cosmetics (perfume, make-up, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) or from other products such as air fresheners, cleaners, and laundry detergents, etc.

Can scents cause health problems?
Yes! Exposure to the ingredients and chemicals in scented products, even in the smallest amounts, can also trigger other conditions, including in allergic and asthmatic patients and those with other conditions. In these situations, the health effects can be severe. 
Exposure to certain chemical compounds in scents have detrimental impacts to our staff who have asthma and environmental sensitivities which has even caused us to close the gallery prematurely due to extreme reactions. Clear signage is displayed in the gallery regarding this. Many customers have also commented in the positive to having this store policy in place. This policy also refers to artwork that has excessive odors including fabric softeners, cigarette smoke, etc. This can impact not only the working environment but also other customers artwork. Although we aim to work with all customers art, we have at times been forced to turn some art and customers away due to the odor. 
Learn more at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

Scent-Free Policy for the Workplace

Unsupervised Children, Removing Artwork from Walls, Food and Drink in the Gallery Policies

Although a fairly basic concept, we kindly ask parents to supervise their children while in the gallery, for various obvious safety reasons as well as for breakage. Artists have gone to a lot of work to create their work and have it displayed at the Gallery, and although accidents may happen most can be prevented by being respectful of items. Staff are happy and available to assist in any way needed. The same can be said for food and drink. The mall has a wonderful food court and seating areas to enjoy consuming.

It is important to note that the Gallery is also an operational workshop. We have set up numerous barriers and signs to mitigate customer wandering and unsupervised running children. Our workshop not only has paying customer artwork, but operational machinery (like industrial saws), raw-edged glass and other potential dangers. It is imperative customers remain behind clearly marked STAFF ONLY zones. Staff are happy to assist with any questions.