Mike Forbes - Haida First Nation Artist
​Wildlife & Nature Artist

Original Paintings of Canadian Wildlife on Natural Slate by Patricia M. Mansell
Using slate from Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island as a background to the animals.


Bring Your Own Photo!


Unique Pottery


Mussels and More Pottery




Robert Bauer

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Bring Your Own Photo to Yellowbird Arts

Bring your own photo into our shop at Yellowbird Arts Gallery and we will turn it into Art! Your photo can be enlarged, framed or even look like it is on canvas! The process works best with a high resolution picture taken with your camera or phone. Just add the digital photo to a memory card or email your picture to us and we'll look after it.

bring your photo yellowbird arts 3

The Framing Studio - By Larson Juhl

The Framing Studio by Larson Juhl is an excellent method of trying out different frames for your artwork. Just upload a picture and try different framing idea's! Visit Larson Juhl to try this framing tool. 

Larson Juhl's site is "Framed" within our website here at Yellowbird Arts Gallery. 

Larson Juhl Framing Studio - Click here.

Yellowbird Arts Gallery offers over 20 years picture framing experience in Nanaimo BC

Framing Services provided include  -Quality LARSON JUHL  framing products

  • Corporate rates and volume discounts
  • Conservation framing of all fine art
  • Canvas stretching
  • Mirror frames
  • 3 dimensional  object  framing (medals and sports  memorabilia)
  • Poster framing
  • Giclee printing on paper or canvas
  • Scanning of original art for digital printing
  • UV protection glass if requested

Martin Kaspers Large Photography

Martin Kaspers Large Photography - for Large Walls

Lonely Beach;

lonely beach martin kaspers

Martin Kaspers has been a photographic artist for the last 30 years, progressing from photographic prints to canvas giclées. In this time, he has learned to take his photographs and transform them using the dark room to works of art. In recent times he has also added the digital tools to his creations.

Martin’s work is now available in a number of galleries in western Canada.

West Coast Sunset;

west coast sunset

Larson-Juhl – For the Best in Custom Framing!

Did you know that framing a special piece of art or memorabilia can actually help to preserve it and keep it in beautiful condition for future generations?

It's true. Ask your local custom framer what they can do to help keep your treasures looking their best for years to come, using Larson-Juhl custom framing products.

Custom Framing - Quilt

Custom framing can also help bridge the gap that may exist between a favorite piece of art or item and the style throughout the rest of your home. Perhaps you live in a modern space but would like to display Grandma's beautiful, handcrafted quilt square? Custom framing it in a design that not only highlights Grandma’s art, but also complements your decor, will make it look as if the antique quilt square was meant for your contemporary space!

Custom Framing - Abstract

Maybe you have an abstract work of art, but the room you'd like to hang it in is traditionally styled?

Thanks to the magic of custom framing, your art piece will seamlessly transition into the rest of your space with the perfect frame design, customized just for you!

Custom Framing - Mats

Preservation is also a part of the custom framing process – and your local custom framer can help select the best options for you, your piece, and your home. They'll take into consideration the type of piece you're having custom framed, where it will hang, and what elements may come into contact with it. Then, they'll make recommendations on the best custom framing materials to use. They may suggest using items such as UV free glass, museum glass and archival matboards to extend the life of your custom framed treasure.

Any way you look at it, custom framing products from Larson-Juhl are the answer to all of your wall decor needs!

Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing is the optimum way to personalize a piece of art . Your personality will shine through because you have decided every detail of the picture frame design .

The choices available to you the designer are endless ! You can allow a piece of art to ' pop ' in a bold colourful framing choice or you can create a serene subtle look to tone  a piece down .

Let Yellowbird Arts Gallery help you decide the right framing design for your valued art piece .  Our staff has a combined framing experience of over forty five years .We have been serving Nanaimo for over twenty years .We look forward to meeting you and giving you some great ideas on how to treat your art work .

Art Makeovers


Frame styles alter, progress and change as does every-thing else in your home. The art you buy, more often than not, is timeless. In fact, a true sign of fine art is that it never goes out of style. If you have a piece (or pieces) you own and love and they are looking a little "dated," you may want to consider whether it's time to try a new framing option.

Styles, colours, mat and moulding sizes are subject to the same forces of design change that every other item in your home experiences. So whether you are in the middle of redecorating or simply want to give new life to an old favorite, come down and let us custom design a new look for your art.